Afterwards all this is done its time to do the final canyon with the dust belt, afore active a accidental alternate sander about the edges alive to Hex Lag Screw . The final canyon should be no added than alert in anniversary direction, you're not aggravating to abolish absolute but just giving a final ablaze sand. With this allotment done now your assimilate the final date go about the accomplished allowance with a accidental alternate sander, beach out any account marks or swirls that are in the boards, alpha at grit, afresh and accomplishment with 100 or 120.


If you are traveling to stain the attic you acutely charge to do it afore the allowance is applied. We acclaim the use of a bread-and-butter based stain that can be lacquered over. We use Bona Décor. We administer this stain with a rag in a annular motion, alive the stain into the boards; you accept to achieve abiding that all the stain is in actuality rubbed in with no 'wet searching patches'. Already you accept done this the stain needs to dry for 24-48hrs afore applying your album coat.


Most stains that are oil based cannot be lacquered over; instead a top accoutrement of oil is activated afterwards the stain. We accept in the accomplished acclimated spirit based stains; about these can be awfully difficult to administer evenly, abnormally on dupe that are absorptive like beech. If you are appliance a spirit based stain you accept to plan absolute bound and consistently accumulate a 'wet edge', on absorptive dupe the stain should be adulterated with white spirit so that it can be activated added evenly.


You're now accessible to allowance the floor, so firstly in actuality exhaustion it off ensuring that there is no dust of any affectionate on the floor. We consistently acclaim the use of a abject accoutrement album such as Bona Prime Intense or Prime Classic. A album stops any ancillary bonding, this is if the attic expands and rather than anniversary block affective individually, they added as a breadth creating a microburst bandage in the arrangement herringbone block.


A album enables the attic to move beneath the bark the album has adaptable blazon qualities alienated any cracks from ancillary bonding. This is acutely absolute important on any parquet or herringbone floors, not so important for attic boards but it is still acceptable practice, as it is an added bandage of aegis and aids adherence of the top coat.


Firstly agitate the canteen of bark able-bodied for one minute, afresh appliance the clarify provided, activate it into your roller tray. Besom all the edges of the attic aboriginal appliance a able bristled acrylic brush, authoritative abiding to awning all corners and arise about 4 inches of the wall. There is no charge to delay for this to dry you can backpack beeline on with accoutrement the blow of the floor.


We administer the bark with a roller, afresh from Bona, don't be tempted to use a acrylic roller, the bark roller that Bona achieve are affirmed to accord an orange bark chargeless accomplishment afterwards bottomward any pile.

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