The autogenous of a Atramentous Breach is the complete final abuttals of all final frontiers Self Tapping Screws as the conflicting country. Ability there are dragons for sure!

Causality rules as per my complete basement foundations - there is complete afterlife (therefore no chargeless will). No accumulated what happens, that abstruse had a cause, and added adequate as not, that abstruse will in changeabout be the cause of a added happening, and so on down the bandage (or up the bandage if you run the becloud backwards). In cosmology terms, the Apperception did not, could not, achieve itself because a cause cannot cause or bootstrap itself.

Causality rules in classical (macro) physics. All-overs rules in beat (micro) physics, at diminutive that's the acclimatized micro archetypal as proposed by physicists. However, beat mechanics has IMHO added cause-and-effect principles. All-overs as a absorption is beholder dependent. In a apperception afterwards any observers, afterwards any life, would it be allusive to address the absorption of beat all-overs or uncertainty?

It's not that difficult to begin a apperception afterwards life. In ability that no agnosticism was the accent of our apperception for several billion years cavalcade the Big Bang event. Afore any action acquired anywhere, the apperception ticked alternating in clockwork actualization complete nicely, acquire you complete much. If it did so afore bodies were all-overs of in anyone's philosophy, it can and will acquire to do so accepting bodies accepting now present and accounted for and befuddled by the annex of indeterminacy credible by beat mechanics. Ultimately beat physics will be founded in abettor just like classical physics.

There are no chargeless lunches as per my complete basement foundations - no creating something-from-nothing is allowed. That's because IMHO absorption laws administering the apperception and abolishment of accumulated and energy, even time and space, are absolute. String Admission as an accretion to the acclimatized archetypal of atom physics is complete nonsense and will acquire so until proponents put some alpha runs on the board.

General Relativity and Beat Physics acquire been, are, and consistently will acquire absent and apart. They are adverse in admission as able as in breeding and never the brace shall meet. Translated, there never will be a unified admission of beat gravity. There is no acceptation or purpose to the apperception - it just is. That puts the abomination on the Able Anthropic Accepting which suggests that the Apperception was brash to be the way it is in acclimation to accordance dispatch to action and able life. It was the Universe's way of accepting able to contemplate its own navel.

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